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Some art i think it's awesome... :D

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I just drawing when i have a time. :meow: ;P


SilverRA has started a donation pool!
7 / 3,000
I hope i can get 1 Premium, Thank for your generous give me a point.

I just planning to open Point Commission soon, but not now. I still busy with my school...

And once again, Thanks you so much... :D

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Let's go together..... by SilverRA
Let's go together.....
They just cosplaying (only weapon lol /?) :v
Got inspired from games Legend of Heroes - Trail in the sky.

I think still bad at BG. Bad at coloring maybe...
Sky Blue /? by SilverRA
Sky Blue /?
Just for refreshing. Like usually, getting stuck on BG. But i just use BG style from other artist. For who feel like it's his BG style, please Comment /? :v

Nah kidding, no need for comment. :3

To see separate character in Pixiv :…
Haruto by SilverRA
Gift for :iconpenciltips:

Just say it's for your birthday.
Sorry if it not look like my expectation, but i hope you like it. >.>
Got tagged by :iconthemysterywolf15:
I will break a some rules, nyahahahaha! :v
100th truth meme
Rules : Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 100 truths about you. At the end, choose 20 people be tagged. Tagged means “I’m interested in knowing what are your 100 truths”

1.    Real name : Angga Bayu S (Don't ask my last name)
2.    Nicknames : Angga, Bayu.
3.    Zodiac sign : Virgo
4.    Male or female : Male
5.    Elementary School : Lesanpuro Elementary School
6.    High School : Vocational High School 4 Malang
7.    College : Malang University
8.    Hair colour : Black
9.    Tall or short : For Asean Region is Tall. :v
10.    Shirt or sweater : No Vest /?
11.    Sweats or jean : Sweats~ :3 (Same like :iconthemysterywolf15: , i don't like jeans)
12.    Ps4 or Xbox : I hope i had it -_- (Same Like :iconthemysterywolf15: :v)
13.    C.O.D or Halo : C.O.D, since i just ever play that's games. :v
14.    Orange or Apple : Apple La la la la
15.    Do you have a crush on someone? : It's secret, but i have...
16.    Eat or drink : Prefer Drink. :3
17.    Piercings : IDK what it's mean...
18.    Pepsi or coke? : Both... maybe?
19.    Been in airplane : Never
20.    Been in relationship? : Secret. :v
21.    Been in a car accident? : Never, and i hope never...
22.    Been in first fight? : Umm.... (IDK lol, my bad english)
First and last :

23.    First piercing : Dunno....
24.    First friend : Nadia... 
25.    First award :  Never got one, I'm too lazy. :v
26.    First crush : Secret. :v
27.    First word : Huwat /?
28.    First car : Don't have one.
29.    Last person you talked in person : My dad
30.    Last person you texted : Rosyihan Ahmad
31.    Last person you went to the movie theater with : My Crush /? :'v
32.    Last food you ate : Tofu
33.    Last movie you watched : I forget. :v
34.    Last thing you bought : Phone. :v
35.    Last person you hugged : Secret! D:
36.    Last thing you did : Copy this games... :v
37.    Foods : Fried Rice!
38.    Drinks : Ice Cream! :D
39.    Bottoms : Umm... what? (IDK what it's mean)
40.    Flowers : I not too like flower but... Roses.
41.    Animals : Canine and Feline (But not all)
42.    Colours : Blue, Red, White, Silver
43.    Movies : Final Fantasy? :3
44.    Subjects : Umm... what? (IDK what it's mean)
45.    [yes] Waiting for (Censor) text me :v
46.    [Nope] Celebrated Halloween (Because for what?)
47.    [Nope] Celebrated Christmas (You know why)
48.    [Nope] Do a homework alone, i need a friends... :v
49.    [Nope] Drive a Car
50.    [Nope] Piloting a Plane (HUWAT?!)
51.    [Nope] Smooking (I don't like it)
52.    [Nope] For not get naked while take a bath /?
53.    [Yes] Buy first Android with my own money.
54.    [Sometime] Broke a promise, of course.
55.    [Yes] hide secret
56.    [Sometime] Shout at friends with no reason. I regret it.
57.    [Yes] Take so long for take any decision
58.    [Nope] Being sad, for what? :v
59.    [Sometime] Sketching on class
60.    [Yes] Bit confuse to answer this Question. =w="
61.    [Sometime] Got Headache when think to hard...
62.    [Sometime] I'm the one who need to change, not other people.
63.    [Yes] Share some quotes for reminder at Virtual World.
64.    [Sometime] Remind people.
65.    [Nope] Chat people if not important.
66.    [IDK] Keep in Furry Fandom or Out. But i still love Shinoda and Shiruba.

Currently :
67.    Eating : Nope
68.    Drinking : Nope
69.    Hearing : My dad listen Rock n Roll Music
70.    Sitting / laying : Chair
71.    Plans for today : Sleep. :v

Your future : 
73. Want kids? : Well, I don't know. >.>
74. Want to get married? : It's Required.
75.  Career : Hobbyist Artist
76. Lips or eyes : Lips?
77. Shorter or taller : Taller?
78. Romantic or spontaneous : Spontaneous. XD
79. Quiet or loud? : Quite
80. Shy or confident : Shy.
81. Hook-up or Relationship : Umm... what?
82. Looks or personality : Personality of course. :3
83. Lost glasses : Once
84. Snuck out of the house : Once when kid (Just for meet dad when speaking with neighbor lol) :v
85. held a gun/knife for self defense : Knife. :3
86. Killed somebody : Never. =w="
87. Broken someone’s heart : I don't know but rumor said, i just broke so much girls feeling. =_="
88. Been in love : once? with other person?
89. Cried when someone died : Of course...
90. Yourself? : Become Teacher? But i hope i can be a Illustrator. XD
91. Miracles? Dunno.
92. Love at first sight? : Sometimes but i should look in personality first.
93. Heaven? : I hope
94. Santa Clause : What? I even not believe it.
95. Kiss on the first date? : >////<

Truthfully :          

96. Is that one person / people you want to be with right now? : Yeah... ._.
97. Do you know who your real friends are? I think i never got any Best one. They all jerk.
98. Do you believe in God? : Yes. :3
99. Rate your awesomeness from 1 to 10 : I can't answer it. :3 
100. Post as 100 truths : Done. But i just Break a rules lol.

Whoever want to try can copy this...
Because when i tagged, they would not give it try. And maybe it will bother them.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Eating: Anything Edible and not Forbid
  • Drinking: Anything Edible and not Forbid


SilverRA's Profile Picture
Angga Bayu S
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A Freedom Soul to Wherever, Wind of Sky Blue.
A Coolness of Inner Tranquility, Water of Blue Ocean.


Muslim Pride Stamp by Teakster
That's name Silver. I'm furry from Indonesian with sky blue fur. I'm Islam. elements that I like is wind and water.

I not like bright and hot place. If you nice to me, I'll nice to you too. :meow: :D
I'm Still need to improve my skill about drawing, so please help me to improve it. And thanks for people who support me! :D
(Sorry if my English Bad)

:iconexplodelaplz: :iconblue-lplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconexplodelaplz:
:la: choir by spring-sky :la: :iconexcitedlaplz: :la: CloudChoirPLZ by VVKiti :la: :iconexcitedlaplz: :la: :iconeagerdummychoirplz: by timothymh
:iconlacrazyplz: :iconlawooplz: Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La by RiverKpocc :iconlawooplz: Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La by RiverKpocc :iconlawooplz: :iconlacrazyplz:
:icondummywooplz: :iconlabandplz: :iconeagerdummyglompplz: :iconkirbylaplz: :iconeagerdummyglompplz: :iconlabandplz: :icondummywooplz:

Shut Up! :iconfaceshovelplz:

Stamp 18- I am a muslim by FullWhiteMoon Stamp 25 - I am a muslim boy by FullWhiteMoon

Rhythm Creates Music by draco-dragon84 Blue! by Avis-Hope Music Imagination by draco-dragon84

:icontradesask: :iconcollabsclosed:

:iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

:iconnocommissions: :iconnopointcommissions:
I'm not ready...

Kiribans status:
Will get 1 Free Request if....
- My Pageviews Reach 9999
- If i have 65 Watchers.
- Give me Screen Capture both of My pageviews and Watchers.

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What Element Fits You Best?
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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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You can also find me at link below...

Facebook :…
Twitter :
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Sometimes i wanna try this lol.

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